Frequently asked questions

What is the access to venues like?

We aim for all venues to be on the ground floor with wheelchair access and close to public transport. At all workshops, we will be providing sturdy chairs without arms. If you have specific access needs, we want to hear from you if you have concerns or requests (email us).

I'm nervous about coming along by myself to your events, advice?

This is very normal and there will be others who will be feeling similarly and also coming alone. We make our events as warm and inviting as possible and there is no pressure to be loud and interactive if you don't want to. Our events are for you and you get to decide what how you use it. If you want to meet people going to the same workshop online prior to the event - we have a Facebook Page and Instagram you can follow along with.

Do I need to bring anything to your events?

You may want to bring a journal, pen and an old shirt for the creative part. We will provide light snacks and beverages. Bring your open mind and leave your inner critic behind. Some events may require you to bring something else please check the event information or get in contact with us if you're not sure.

Some of the events include 'art making', What if I'm not creative?

Our events included a guided creative exploration and talk - many people freak out when they hear the word 'art' or 'creativity' especially if they've been told they're not good at it. The art part of our events are not about producing something that 'looks good' - just like how your body doesn't need to 'look good' to be worthy, neither does your art. It's about play, exploration, and the process of the doing. People have found this part of our workshops to be incredibly healing in ways they didn't know were possible for them.

I'm currently in recovery from mental health issues, are your events safe for me?

We have designed our events to be trauma informed, meaning that we are mindful that those in attendance will have experienced all sorts of challenges in life. You will not be required to do or participate in anything which makes you feel uncomfortable. Whilst our events aren't therapy, some of the activities and teachings may bring up some feelings for you which we will do our best to hold. If you have concerns, please email us.

I'm a super fat and can feel uncomfortable around small fats and smaller people - will I feel included?

People in all bodies having access to an inclusive space is our main priority. Our body positivity prioritises those who are most marginalised, the conversations throughout evtents will be guided to include a range of experience and ability without centering a specific body size. Danielle identifies as a mid sized fat, and Ashlee identifies as a small fat. In previous events we've facilitated, we have had people all along the spectrum of body sizes.

Are events LGBTQIA+ inclusive?

Yes, we welcome all members of the LGBTQIA+ community and we will be ensuring that it remains a safe space throughout our events and will have a zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour.

Can any gender attend your events?

Yes our events are open to any gender!

Can any body size attend your events?

Yes, if you have a body and can attend, you are welcome!

I can't afford to purchase a ticket to your events?

We understand our events is an investment of your time and your money. We usually have multiple payment plan options, and discounted financial hardship tickets payable via a plan. In special circumstances we will be able to offer a donated ticket through fundraising. If you believe you will really benefit from attending, please let us know and we will see what we can do (email us).

I want to donate a full or part ticket - how can I do that?

Thank-you this is so thoughtful, please email us and we can disucss this with you.

Will you ever host an event in my location?

We are always visting different cities in Australia and internationally. Want us to visit your town email us and let us know. Also always check back to our event page and keep up to date with our event schedule by following our Facebook or Instagram page.

Want us to host an event at your school, university or work place?

We would love to, please email us with your request and we can chat with you one on one with our event packages and work with you to talior and event that is just right for your needs!

What is your refund policy?

All our events will have information in the description of the individual refund policy. Please see individual event description for specific time frames of refund ability. If you have any concerns or questions please email us.