Facilitating Body Image Workshops that focus on embodiment, community connection and healing. 

Hi there, welcome to the Body Reconnect Collective. The Body Reconnect Collective was created in 2019 by Ashlee Bennett of the (@bodyimage_therapist) and Dani Galvin of (@iamdaniadriana).


Ashlee is an art therapist, counsellor and body image specialist from Melbourne, Australia. She works in private practice and is a prolific writer on all things bodies, positive body image and self-acceptance. 

Dani is a fat activist and peer advocate based in Cairns, Australia. She is very active in the fat positive community and creates invaluable content via her social media platforms.

The Body Reconnect Collective begun as a tour in 2019 to the US where Ashlee and Dani brought their content offline and into the real world to connect face to face with those in their community. Their workshops, events and projects all have body kindness, compassion, community, love and art at the core of their content.


The marrying of body image professionals and those with lived experience is of utmost importance to Ashlee & Dani. They believe that diverse peer support advocates with lived experience such as Dani, bring an important and needed perspective that often is missing from professional workshops in body image. Ashlee & Dani are leading the way in Australia creating a specific collective of voices that bring together lived experience and body image professionals. They hope to encourage other professionals to also do this in the body image sphere.

Combining their lived experience, professional backgrounds, passion for bringing their communities together and a commitment to a non-diet, health at every size, trauma informed framework they hope to bring healing and facilitate connection with those who are seeking compassion towards their bodies.

Ashlee & Dani host workshops and events worldwide, check out the events page to see where we are headed next!


Ashlee & Dani
The Body Reconnect Collective


Ashlee Bennett & Dani Galvin.

Want to hire Ashlee & Dani to host a workshop at your school, university, workplace or other? Contact us at bodyreconnectcollective@gmail.com

Photo Left to Right: Ashlee Bennett (@bodyimage_therapist) & Dani Galvin (@iamdaniadriana) photographed on Tour of the US 2019 in Los Angeles, California.